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March 20, 2017
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Forums: Sticky Dilly Buns status update 2

June 25, 2016
Want to stay up to date with what Shouri and I are doing aside from Sticky Dilly Buns? Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook. I can be found here and here, and Shouri here and here. Make sure to pre-order my Josie variant and Archie Meets Ramones in July!--Gisele :)

August 4, 2015
The Pixie Trix Comix Kickstarter for 2015 is LIVE! Join us to help us fund Ma3 vol 7, Eerie Cuties/Magick chicks vol 4, and Dangerously Chloe vol 1!--Gisele :)

July 8, 2014

Our Kickstarter is LIVE! Click to learn more!

June 19, 2014
Pixie Trix Comix now has a twitter account. Follow us there for news & updates!--Gisele :)

December 17, 2013
Some of you may have noticed that our Monday updates tend be late. It seems to work out best for us to change Monday's update to Tuesday. So be sure to come back every Tuesday & Friday for the buns!--Gisele :)

September 8, 2013
I was interviewed this week on the Where Monsters Dwell radio show. You can listen to it here. The interview starts midway in the show, after a French song. For those interested, the French song played is from the girl band I was in in the early '90s (I was the bass player.) This was a cover of an old Brigitte Bardot song that we totally tweaked and made it our own. Just listen to the original to see how much we changed it lol--Gisele :)

February 16, 2012
Did a podcast interview this week. Was fun! Talked about various comics I'm involved with. You can check it out here. My headset mic wasn't the best but the host, Jonathan, did his best to remove any unwanted noises (great job, Jonathan!) Also, enjoy as I gradually lose my voice through the interview as I forgot to have a glass of water nearby! lol --Gisele :)

January 13, 2012
To those who remember the gender-swap #636 issue I drew over the Summer featuring a famous little red head, the variant cover is now available as a poster. It's securely shipped in a tube and is of high quality. Available here while supplies last.--Gisele :)

January 7, 2012
Welcome to Sticky Dilly Buns, a new comic starring Dillon from Ma3. The cast will also feature other familiar faces, such as Amber & Chanelle. New characters will gradually be introduced to complete the cast. A prior knowledge of Ma3 is not required, though. If you're wondering who "Dahling!" is in the top nav for creator credits, well, that's a little collective name comprised of Shouri and me. Shouri has been helping me on Eerie Cuties for a long time now. We both loved Dillon and wanted to see more of him. Since it was difficult to do that with Ma3, we started planning this new comic, just for him. Shouri will be helping me with inking, pencil assists, plotting, and more. We hope you'll bookmark the comic, and check it out every Monday and Friday.--Gisele =)
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